Norwegian saxophone player based in Oslo, Norway. Leading Hanna Paulsberg Concept and GURLS. Has freelanced with musicians and projects such as Bugge Wesseltoft, Bobo Stenson and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. New Hanna Paulsberg Concept album "Daughter of the Sun" with trumpeter Magnus Broo out october 19th 2018!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Earlier this month I was surprised to get the message that both "Daughter of the Sun" by Hanna Paulsberg Concept and "Run boy, run" by GURLS has been nominated for a Norwegian grammy in the jazz category this year. I feel extremely honored, humble and thankful for this recognition. The ceremony will be on march 30th, and I am looking forward to sharing this evening with the rest of the nominees.

Thursday, January 3, 2019


Happy new year!

2018 was a very good and busy year, with a lot of fun concerts, releases of GURLS' first record, and Hanna Paulsberg Concept's fourth, and alot of amazing response from both media and audience.

Both "Run boy, run" and "Daughter of the Sun" has recieved overwhelming good critics in both norwegian and international press, and I feel extremely thankful and lucky that I am able to make music that people appreciate. Here are some of the reviews:

First up in 2019 is a tour with GURLS that will strech from january until april with some pauses here and there, and we will visit exciting places like The Faroe Islands, Svalbard, and Berlin amongst others. Looking extremely forward to it! Here is the complete route:

17: Rockefeller, Oslo
18: Nøtterøy Kulturhus
24: Kulturhuset, Gjøvik
26: Vinterjazz - Torshavn, FO
31: Polarjazz, Svalbard
7: Tou scene, Stavanger
8: Teatret, Kristiansand
10: Berlin International Film Festival
13: ISFIT, Trondheim
15: Strandbaren, Stokkøya
16: Festiviteten, Hamar
27: Union Scene, Drammen
28: Kolben Kulturhus, Kolbotn
1: Rådhusteatret, Ski
2: Vinterjazzfestivalen, Fredrikstad
25: Sundsvall Jazzklubb, SE
26: Jazz i Jemtland, Östersund, SE
27: Öbacka jazz och blues, Härnösand, SE
28: Umeå Jazzstudion, SE
29: Perdido, Övik, SE
3: TBA - NL
4: Nyköping Kulturcafé, SE
5: April Jazz Club - Espoo, FI
6: Flame Jazz, Turku, FI

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Next week we will go on a releasetour to promote our new album "Daughter of the Sun" which will be released on Odin Records october 19th.

 The cover for this album has been made by amazing Heida Karine Mobeck:

And the tour looks like this:
15 okt: Toneheim FHS
16 okt: Trondheim Jazzforum
17 okt: Nasjonal Jazzscene - Oslo
18 okt: Arena - Moss
19 okt: Bergen Jazzforum
20 okt: Storyville Jazzklubb - Molde
10 nov: Meieriet - Lund, SE

In march next year we will hopefully do some more dates abroad as well!

Sunday, August 19, 2018


Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad
This october, Hanna Paulsberg Concept will release our fourth album, this time with the wonderful swedish trumpeter Magnus Broo. The album is called DAUGHTER OF THE SUN, and will be released on Odin Records on october 19th, on vinyl and CD. Here is a short teaser:

Sunday, April 29, 2018


Finally, the first ever GURLS full length album is here. It is the first album where I have composed all the lyrics, and it has been an exciting journey.

Click this link to buy the album on iTunes: Run boy run

The reception so far has been amazing, and we look forward to playing concerts this summer. Here is the route:

May 11: Anjazz - Hamar
June 13: Bakgården - Arendal
June 16: Fjordflyt - Hov
June 17: Piknik i Parken - Oslo
June 23: Over Oslo
June 24: Fløgstad Kulturlåve - Rygge
July 5: Kongsberg Jazzfestival
July 7: Træna Music Festival
July 16: Molde Jazzfestival
August 9: Sildajazz - Haugesund
August 18: PSTERO - Trondheim
August 24: Rakettnatt - Tromsø
Sept 4: Forum for Secnekunst - Kjøllefjord
Sept 5: Sortland Jazz og Viseklubb
Sept 6: Ad lib Jazzklubb - Bodø
Sept 7: Meieriet Kulturscene - Leknes
Sept 8: Hemnes Jazzforum
Sept 12: Fasching - Stockholm
Sept 13: Nefertiti - Gøteborg
Sept 14: Landmark - Bergen
Sept 15: Café Stift - Lillehammer
Sept 16: Parkteatret - Oslo

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

GURLS live at Oslo Jazzfestival

Here is clip from Gurls' concert at Oslo Jazzfestival earlier this year. We will release our debutalbum in february 2018, looking alot forward!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Video from Jazz a la Villette

Here is the full video from our performance at Jazz á la Villette, by Culturebox:

Click on cover to buy Hanna Paulsberg Concept + Magnus Broo's new album "Daughter of the Sun" on iTunes!