Norwegian saxophone player living in Oslo, Norway. Graduated from the jazz conservatory in Trondheim in 2011, and released her debut album "Waltz for Lilli" on october 8th, 2012.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


 Finally, the GURLS project is up and running again! We have been lucky enough to get the wonderful Rohey Taalah to join as our new vocalist, and we will do some concerts in Norway this spring/summer. Check out out video teaser below! And come to one of our shows if you're nearby:) 

May 7th: House of Foundation - Moss 
May 8th: Follo Fhs May 
9th: Maijazz International Jazz Festival - Stavanger August 
18th: Oslo Jazz Festival 


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Interview in french magazine Jazz News

We are overwhelmed by all the positive feedback we have gotten from France of our album Eastern Smiles, and after our concert in Paris in january. The french magazine Jazz News wasat our concert and did an interview with me that is published this month. Here it is both translated and the page in french from the magazine: 

At first she didn’t like jazz. Now things have changed : this 29 year old Norwegian brillantly condenses a whole part of the history of saxophone. The first great discovery of this new year.

The sound of Hanna Paulsberg is like her handshake, solid and warm. Before this meeting backstage, we ignored the existence of this young Norwegian saxophonist. We are in January 2017, the 22nd, Hanna and her quartet play for the first time in Paris, at la Maison de la Radio, as part of the concerts « Jazz Sur le Vif » organized by France Musique. Immediately, she evokes the history of her instrument : the tenor saxophone. Stan Getz for the languishing and whispered  phrases. Sonny Rollins for the rhythm and staccato playing, with sudden crescendos and decrescendos. The sound is round, full, wooded. During the same concert, later, we’ll even think of Dexter Gordon. But Rollins seems to be the most obvious influence. This is suggested by her new album Eastern Smiles : the writing of the tunes is quite complex, funky and the rhythm section often features a Caribbean atmosphere. Yet, all the musicians on the disc (and on stage) are real Norwegian and met 7 years ago at Trondheim university. This band, is the one Hanna put together to take her final exam. Since then, the quartet has released three albums. The first one was reminiscent of Coltrane’s approach, a second one that was transitional, and finally this Eastern Smiles of which we like everything : the melodies, the improvised parts, the textures, the alternation between writing and freedom, as well as the duration. Because in 2017, while we are used to 70 minute records, this one is only 39.

Hanna has grown up in a farm southwest of Oslo. Her father, Hakon Paulsberg was a jazz drummer. She used to hate this music. « It was before i came across a compilation, gathering Stan Getz & Antonio Carlos Jobim », she explains befor her concert. « This day, I wanted to become Stan Getz ». Her first reference. Her everything. By the way, she’s surprised to be talked about Rollins whom she never really listened to. On the other hand, she mentions Fredrik Ljungkvist - her Norwegian hero -, Wayne Shorter, Ben Webster and Lester Young, that she discovered throughout her training. In high school, she’s bored with theories and be bop, « it lacks emotion ». In her town, nobody plays jazz. Even her father eventually gave up on his drumstiscks. No traditional repertoire either. With her eyes fixed on America, she was not interested in the Nordic Tone. Ten years later, here she comes to France Musique. On stage, the speeches between the tunes are laborious. But the music sweeps everyone off their feet.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Radio France review

We had a great tour last week that ended with an amazing trip to Paris, playing a sold out concert at Radio France. The french Jazz Magazine was there and wrote a really nice review/report from the concert. To read it on their webpage in french, click here:

Here is an english translation:
The young saxophonist was playing for the first time in France with the quartet that accompanied her on her three records as a bandleader, including the very recent Eatsern Smiles (Odin Records / Outhere). Trained at the famous Trondheim conservatory (on the Westcoast, north of Bergen and Oslo), she played with the finest musicians of the Scandinavian scene, including Bobo Stenson, and shined in New York at Chick Corea’s side, during the Blue Note festival. Her passion for Stan Getz led her to jazz and tenor saxophone, but we can also perceive the influence of Sonny Rollins through her recurrent references to Calypso, the aerial convolutions and this inexhaustible energy. Her finely-shaded playing also recalls Stan Getz, especially because of her ability to project the sound with strength without spoiling the mellow aspect. Sometimes, we also think of the translucent and wrapped in melancholy sound that we can hear in Charles Lloyd, but, here, with a more confident accuracy. The tunes and their developments are well built, the band is homogenuous, which reveals a long-time complicity. We can hear, behind the soloist, the trio venturing into a kind of a very relevant collective improvisation, without losing sight of the saxophonist whom they eventually catch up with at the end of chorus. On the first tune, the pianist plays a solo with his right hand playing « out » while the left hand keeps playing the initial harmony, thus creating a kind of bitonal illusion with an expressive strength that is disconcerting. The drummer softly sets up a tension that makes the music lively, and when it comes to the solo during the penultimate composition, he delivers a very energetic polyrhythm, without any affectation or ostentation. A great discovery for an audience, clearly captivated (just like me), and the hope of listening to this great musician again, in a French festival.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Happy new year! 2016 was a really good year for us with a lot of concerts at festivals and clubs in Norway and abroad. And we look forward to playing alot in the new year as well! In a couple of weeks, Hanna Paulsberg Concept is travelling to Paris to play a concert at Radio France. Our latest album Eastern Smiles is being released in France, and when Radio France heard the music they invited us down there. We are super excited! We will play some concerts in Norway as well, her is the tourplan:

17 jan: Toneheim Folkehøgskole
18 jan: Ålesund jazzsirkel
19 jan: Inderøy Jazzklubb
20 jan: Workshop at Sund Folkehøgskole
21 jan: Radio France - Paris

A belated christmas card for you

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Playing with Chick Corea at Blue Note in New York next week!

Next week I have the honour of travelling to New York with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra to play with legendary pianist Chick Corea. He is celebrating his 75th year with a long residency at Blue Note Jazz Club in New York, and he has invited Trondheim Jazz Orchestra to come and play with him there, two concerts a night, two nights in a row, on november 16th and 17th. We will be playing Erlend Skomsvoll's amazing arrangements of Chick Corea's music, they are equally beautiful as they are demanding!

Line up:

Chick Corea - piano
Erlend Skomsvoll - conductor
Ole Morten Vågan - bass
Håkon Mjåset Johansen - drums
Hildegunn Øiseth - trumpet
Eivind Lønning - trumpet
Øyvind Brekke - Trombone
Kjetil Møster - saxes
Eirik Hegdal - saxes
Sissel Vera Pettersen - saxes, vocal
Martin Myhre Olsen - saxes 
HP - saxes

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Commissioned concert with Bobo Stenson

Last year Jan Ole Otnæs called me and told me that Victoria (National Jazzscene in Oslo) wanted to comission a concert from me. I could pick the musicians to participate and I would write whatever music I wanted, and Victoria would book a tour and handle everything else. The first musician I thought about was pianist Bobo Stenson, because it had been a long time dream to be able to play with him. I also asked Laura Jurd on trumpet, Mats Eilertsen on bass and Hans Hulbækmo on drums to join me and they all accepted. This last year I have written music and prepared for this moment, and now it is soon happening. In a couple of weeks we will all meet up in Oslo, and rehearse a couple of days before we go on a small tour in Norway. It is pretty exciting, at the point of nervewrecking, but I am looking extremely forward to meeting the others and start to play together.

Here is the tour plan:

Sept 21: Eidsvoll Jazzklubb
Sept 22: Victoria National Jazzscene, Oslo
Sept 23: Arena, Moss
Sept 24: Bodø Jazzklubb

Bobo and me when I went to see him play at Kongsberg Jazzfestival in july this summer.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This summer

Will be a nice one by the looks of it. I am looking forward to playing with different projects at some really nice festivals in the Nordic countries. My quartet will play at Kongsberg and Sildajazz and Oslo Jazzfestival has asked us to to a concert with one of Norway's finest tenor players through the years, Knut Riisnæs.
I also look alot forward to playing with Skrap and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra at Molde Jazz Festival. This project is already sounding really cool at rehearsals, and I think the premiere at Moldejazz will be epic.
Last week was spent at Jon Balke's house in Hov, rehearsing for the concert we will do with  Ellen Andrea Wang at Kongsberg Jazzfestival. It is really inspiring to be able to work with a musician like Jon, who has done so many different interesting projects, not to mention that he is an amazing piano player! I hope to play more with him later.

July 5: Trondheim Jazz Orchestra/Sissel Vera Pettersen & John Hollenbeck - Copenhagen Jazz Festival
July 6: Hanna Paulsberg Concept - Kongsberg Jazzfestival
July 8: w/Ellen Andrea Wang, Jon Balke, Andreas Ulvo, Erland Dahlen - Kongsberg Jazzfestival
July 17: Trondheim Jazz Orchestra/SKRAP - Moldejazz
5: w/Karin Hammar - Ystad Jazzfestival, SE
August 10: Hanna Paulsberg Concept -Sildajazz
August 13: Klangfestivalen, Vågøy
August14: Klangfestivalen, Vågøy
August 18: w/Ellen Andrea Wang, Jon Balke, Andreas Ulvo, Erland Dahlen - Oslo Jazzfestival
August 20: Hanna Paulsberg Concept w/Knut Riisnæs - Oslo Jazzfestival

Skrap and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra
Click on cover to buy Hanna Paulsberg Concept's new album "Eastern Smiles" on iTunes!