Norwegian saxophone player based in Oslo, Norway. Winner of Norwegian Jazz Grammy 2018 with 'GURLS'. Has freelanced with musicians and projects such as Bugge Wesseltoft, Bobo Stenson and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. New Hanna Paulsberg Concept album "Daughter of the Sun" with trumpeter Magnus Broo out now!

Hanna Paulsberg Concept

Hanna Paulsberg Concept consists of four strong voices on the young Norwegian jazz scene. When
Hanna Paulsberg started the band in 2010, she had a desire to play with musicians who understood the African American jazz tradition but still  wanted to take the music in new directions.
The quartet released their debut album 'Waltz for Lilli' in 2012, and followed up with 'Song for Josia' in 2014, both wich received great reviews internationally and in Norway. In 2016 they released their third album, 'Eastern Smiles' on the legendary record label Odin, wich was founded by the Norwegian jazz federation in 1981, but closed in 1994. 'Eastern Smiles' is the first new release as Odin reopened in 2016, releasing the quartets album as the first since 94.
The quartet has played more than 100 concerts since it's inception in Norway and abroad, including Estonia, Finland, England and Germany, and major festivals such as Stockholm Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Jazzkaar. In 2011 they won the Young Nordic Jazz Comets competition in Stockholm and were awarded Trondheim Jazzfestival's talent price same year. Playfulness, openness, vital original compositions and a strong interaction has been key ingredients from the start, but the quartet is more on the pursuit than before and take bigger chances to bring their music to new places.

Hanna Paulsberg - saxophone/compositions
Oscar Grönberg - piano
Trygve Waldemar Fiske - bass
Hans Hulbækmo - drums

"the chemistry is ever-more pronounced and the collective playing on undeniably strong material is absolutely first-rate. In short, a quartet that would grace any stage in the world." Ian Patterson, Allaboutjazz review of Vossajazz concert march 2016.

"Of special note from the up-and-coming camp: The Hanna Paulsberg Concept affirmed the saxophonist/leader’s growing reputation as a voice to keep tabs on (especially beyond her native Norway). With tasteful soloist wits and awareness of space and phrasing, a strong melodic sense as a composer, she led an impressive young group, highlighted by the exciting and imaginative drummer Hans Hulbækmo, also in the Moskus Trio and, recently, inducted in the Scandinavian left-end-jazz supergroup Atomic." Downbeat review of Vossajazz concert march 2016

"With these impressive, varied originals Paulsberg enhances her reputation as a composer and leader of real note. The HPC strikes a fine balance between individual and ensemble identity; accordingly, every tune engages from first note to last. The beautiful, confident playing of all four musicians makes Song for Josia a contender for small ensemble recording of the year." Ian Patterson, Allaboutjazz review Song for Josia

"Waltz for Lilli" is one of the most impressive debut album I've heard for some time and is Likely to be a record that I return to often. Paulsberg's blend of American influences with a European sensibility is utterly convincing and there are some memorable tunes here wooden suggest considerable potential for the future." Ian Mann, review of Waltz for Lilli The Jazz Mann. (Five out of six stars)

"Hanna Paulsberg has like saxophone -flyer Marius Neset (which she has already played with as a member of the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra on recording and concerts) without a doubt what it takes to pass as the next export goods from the Norwegian jazz scene"  Review of Song for Josia in german musicmagazine Rondo

"It's rare to hear a jazz album from as young musicians who are as mature as this, with such a clear direction and identity." Trygve Lundemo, Review of Waltz for Lilli for Adressa. Dice 5

"The jury Decided they had the strongest group interplay. They communicated well and had a jazz spirit that was well appreciated by the jury. They were especially mesmerized by Oscar Grönberg on piano and the compositor Hanna Paulsberg on saxophone. "- Young Nordic Jazzcomets jury, consisting of such as Stuart Nicholson (British jazz writer).

"Despite the group and its members young age, they have acquired a mature, established and distinctive character. Paulsberg's progressive compositions show an understanding of both past and present, and has a simplicity and elegance, while the ability to plow deep. Everyone is very talented musicians and interaction in the group are first class. " - Trondheim Jazz Festival Talent Award, the grounds of jury consisting of John Pål Inderberg, Petter Vågan and Kirsti Huke.

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