Norwegian saxophone player living in Oslo, Norway. Graduated from the jazz conservatory in Trondheim in 2011, and released her debut album "Waltz for Lilli" on october 8th, 2012.

Other Projects



Gurls is a trio consisting of:                                                                                    

Ellen Andra Wang (Pixel, Manu Katché) - Acoustic  bass, 

Rohey Taalah (Rohey, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra) - vocals

Hanna Paulsberg - saxophone/compositions

Gurls has a clear base in the pop world and moves in a musical landscape that reminds us of Rihanna as well as Neneh Cherry. With banal, simple melodies and longer virtuoso tension they create new music that takes you into a lovely landscape you will never forget. 

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                     TRONDHEIM JAZZ ORCHESTRA

Top: From Narvik Jazzklubb with Come Shine october 2015. Bottom: From Molde International Jazz Festival 2010: Motorpsycho/Ståle Storløkken w/Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and The Trondheim Soloists.

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra is a project based orchestra supported by the Norwegian Art Council, Trondheim City and County of Sør Trøndelag. The orchestra belongs to the Mid-Norway Centre of Jazz who initiates and organises new projects. The orchestra is operated as a musicians' pool, so that the orchestra changes as to instrumentation and size from project to project. 

I have participated on 8 different projects with this orchestra; Marius Neset, Elin Rosseland, Eirik Hegdal/Dingobats, Motorpsycho/Ståle Storløkken and Come Shine, Chick Corea, SKRAP and Espen Berg.



Torstein Lavik Larsen - trumpet

Fredrik Luhr Diedrichson - bass

Simon Albertsen - Drums

Hanna Paulsberg - Saxophone


Photo: Andreas Hansson

Torstein Express is an acoustic quartet that essentially plays songs by Torstein. The band met at the jazz conservatory in Trondheim. The music ranges from cool pop selection of fine tunes and open subtle compositions. TE is inspired by Kenny Wheeler, Espen Reinertsen Organic Jukebox and Close Erase, but have found their own sound which is characterized by the chord resolve format and of each individual's distinctive voice. The quartet released their first album; Reiseliv (Justfortherecords) in 2016. Members have otherwise made ​​themselves known through including Moskus, Espen Berg Trio, Trondheim Improvisation Ensemble, and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra.

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The 11-ette is Dan Peter's masters project and a compositional challenge he gave himself. A combination of musicians with classical and improvisational backgrounds and poems by English-language poets set the backdrop for post-minimalist and neo-classical compositions with improvisational elements.

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