Norwegian saxophone player based in Oslo, Norway. Winner of Norwegian Jazz Grammy 2018 with 'GURLS'. Has freelanced with musicians and projects such as Bugge Wesseltoft, Bobo Stenson and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. New Hanna Paulsberg Concept album "Daughter of the Sun" with trumpeter Magnus Broo out now!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review in Dag og Tid

We have got a very good review in this weeks Dag og Tid, written by Lars Mossefinn.
Here is a rough english translation:

Hanna Paulsberg takes a new step.
It is obvious that the band has played a lot together in the last four years. 
Barely two years after the debut Waltz for Lilli, Paulsberg continues with Song for Josia. Josiahis a Malagasy drummer Paulsberg met at a festival on the island in the autumn of 2013 , just before she went into the studio and recorded this album.
Also this time Paulsberg  has composed all the songs. Stylistically are all safely within the framework of a post- Coltrane - expression, but we can at times sense a more compositional com-complexity  for example on the song " The Lonely Ones". The band has set a broad framework for the interplay, and they create a relaxed live feeling in the studio. Here is Paulsberg 's playing on the title track a brilliant example.On HPC's debut album, the melody was a clear red line. This time around it is not as central. The melodic is
present in the highest degree, like in " Hemulen " where Paulsberg is almost "Rollins like" in her fabulations, but the melodic element has been supplemented with harmonic and rhythmic experimenting and play. This dimension means that Paulsberg & Co. takes a new step with the difficult second album.Honest and well played. Hanna Paulsberg Concept dont neccesary create groundbreaking, but honest, important and well - played music that one quickly falls in love with, and my tip is that this album has greater durability than its predecessor .


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