Norwegian saxophone player living in Oslo, Norway. Graduated from the jazz conservatory in Trondheim in 2011, and released her debut album "Waltz for Lilli" on october 8th, 2012.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tour in Indonesia and Singapore next week

Next week I will be flying to Indonesia to tour with Nordic All Stars. It is a band put together for this occasion consisting of one musician from each nordic country, and in addition we will also play with a couple of musicians from Indonesia.  The line up is Magnus Lindgren (SE) - sax/flute, Chris Minh Doky (DK)- bass, Jimi Tenor (FIN) - piano/flute, Johannes Radianto - guitar, (ID) and Elfa Zulham (ID) - drums. We will be playing original music composed by all the muscians involved, and the tour will end up at the big jazz festival Java Jazz in Jakarta. I am very happy and honored to be asked to join, and I am looking forward to this alot.
Here is the route:

2: Bandung
3: Yogakarta
4: Jakarta
6: TBA, Singapore
7: Java Jazz, Jakarta
8: Java Jazz, Jakarta  



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