Norwegian saxophone player based in Oslo, Norway. Winner of Norwegian Jazz Grammy 2018 with 'GURLS'. Has freelanced with musicians and projects such as Bugge Wesseltoft, Bobo Stenson and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. New Hanna Paulsberg Concept album "Daughter of the Sun" with trumpeter Magnus Broo out now!

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Tomorrow I am flying to Switzerland to play with Luzius Schuler, a Swiss pianist I met when he had a exchange year in Trondheim. He has put together a band for this festival/competition called Transnational that is taking place at BeJazz in Bern. This is my first time in Switzerland, so I am very excited to see the country and meeting the other musicians. We will play a concert in Luzius`hometown Lagethal on wednesday and then Bejazz on friday june 6th.

The band consists of:

Luzius Schuler - piano (CH)
Jonas Ruther - drums (CH)
Cesar Joaniquet - sax (ES)
Bjørn Marius Hegge - bass (NO)
HP - sax


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