Norwegian saxophone player based in Oslo, Norway. Winner of Norwegian Jazz Grammy 2018 with 'GURLS'. Has freelanced with musicians and projects such as Bugge Wesseltoft, Bobo Stenson and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. New Hanna Paulsberg Concept album "Daughter of the Sun" with trumpeter Magnus Broo out now!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Concert at Søndre Fløgstad last night

Yesterday me and my dad held a concert at our farm again. This is something we did for the first time last year, and we were excited to see how many people would show up this time. Last year we did the concert outside on a big grass bank in front of our barn, and we had originally planned the same this year. But we have also spent the last months turning our barn into a big concert scene with room for more than 300 people. So when the weather proved to be difficult yesterday, we were very excited to get to try out our new stage. We had 350 people inside, and the vibe was amazing!

Here is some photos (and a small video) from the evening:


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